How to Improve your Credit Score

The credit score demonstrates the credit payments that you owe over a specific time, and It mostly focuses on current information on credit history. Even though having a good credit rating is important, not many people can achieve this goal. You can easily gain access to your credit report, to determine your credit score value. […]

The Benefits of Buying Home Over Renting

Introduction  One of the very vital decisions an individual of sound mind would make is to buy a home and avoid renting. The pros are always outdoing cons. To prevent dilemma on such decision one has to be very keen with myriads of suggestions offered by relatives and close friends. It is still wise to […]

CalPERS Jumbo Mortgage Income Qualifications

Jumbo CalPERS Mortgages will review your income for a few different reasons. You ability to repay the mortgage Amount of Loan you can afford Following are some of the most basic guidelines for CalPERS jumbo mortgages. Should have two years of work history in same field. Income should be steady or increasing over two year […]

CalPERS Home Loans

CalPERS home loans assist members of CalPERS, LRS, & JRSwith buying a home or a mortgage refinance at competitive mortgage rates, preferred loan terms, and discounted loan fees. CalPERS home loans offer many advantages to CalPERS members such as: 100% financing*,  60 Day mortgage rate lockand the CalPERS mortgage rate roll-down* benefit. Learn more about the advantages of CalPERS home loans. Get Started with CalPERS home loans CalPERS Loan Programs Buying […]

CalPERS Loan Certification

A CalPERS Member may have only one outstanding CalPERS Mortgage Loan at any given time. Therefore, an eligible Member who assumes the role of co-borrower on another Member’s Mortgage Loan is ineligible for another  CalPERS Mortgage Loan until the existing Mortgage Loan is paid in full. By signing below, the undersigned represents they DO NOT have any […]

Free Debt Free & Rate Watch Analysis

Our goal is to provide you with value-added tools that allow you to make wise financial decisions. We provide two free reports that can benefit current home owners tremendously. Rate Watch – this free service provides you with a personalized accelerated amortization schedule for your current mortgage, indicating the potential interest savings of sending extra money […]

PERS Loan Disclosure’s

Disclosure notices Occupancy statement This is to certify that I/we do/ do not intend to occupy the subject property as my/our principal residence. I/we hereby Certify under penalty of u.s. Criminal code section 1010 title 18 u.s.c. That the above statement submitted for the purpose of obtaining Mortgage insurance under the national housing act is […]

CalPERS Mortgage Refinance Programs

CalPERS offers refinance mortgage programs for eligible members. You may apply to refinance any existing mortgage(s) on your primary residence into a single first mortgage using CalPERS favorable rates, fees’, and terms. Following are the various types of CalPERS refinances currently available to you: Rate and Term Refinance Mortgage – used to lower monthly payment, rate, or term. […]

CalPERS Home Buying Programs

CalPERS offers various types of mortgage loan programs that members may use when buying a home. These CalPERS loan programs are for the first time buyer or a move-up home buyer. CalPERS has programs that will fit the financial needs of any it’s members, including Zero Down – 100% Financing Options. If your are buying […]

CalPERS Jumbo Mortgage Loan Programs

CalPERS offers a jumbo mortgage program to members in need of a loan amount larger than current conventional loan limits for both purchasing and refinancing. Following is a reference chart for the jumbo loan guidelines. 1 Jumbo Purchase CalPERS Loan Loan Amount $417,001 – $1,668,000 Down Payment 5% or More Amortization Term 10 Years – […]