Getting Started was created and designed to make obtaining your CalPERS loan simple as 1,2,3. These easy steps are as follows: 1) Research available CalPERS Loan Programs. 2) Understand the basic Mortgage Loan Qualifying. 3) Apply for Loan Pre-Qualification or  Pre-Approval. Navigating  At the top of very every page you will find a bar with hyperlinks to the main […]

CalPERS FHA Loan Limits

The FHA loan program has specific loan limits set for certain county area’s of California. To locate the maximum loan limit in your area, please use this FHA loan limit look up directly at HUD. If the FHA maximum loan limit is equal to or less that the loan amount you will require to purchase or […]

CalPERS FHA Loan Program

CalPERS offers the mortgage loans underwritten using HUD’s insured FHA loan program to members in need of this type of financing. CalPERS FHA underwritten loans are one the easiest loan to qualify for when buying or refinancing a home. Following is a reference chart for FHA’s mortgage program guidelines: 1 FHA Purchase Loan Loan Amount […]

CalPERS Conventional Mortgage Loans

CalPERS offers mortgages underwritten using Fannie Mae’s conventional home loan program guidelines. Following is the general guidelines for both the purchase loan program and the refinance Calpers home loan program. 1 Purchase CalPERS Loan Loan Amount $0 – $417,000 Down Payment 5% or More (3% option also avail.) Amortization Term 10 Years – 30 Years […]

CalPERS Credit Qualification

Good credit is important in qualifying for any home loan, although some past credit issues are allowed. Following are some general guidelines regarding credit qualifying for CalPERS mortgage loans: Lenders will look at most recent two years of your credit history. You should have no more than one or two thirty day lates in last […]

CalPERS Loans 100% Financing Option

The maximum loan is up to $650,000 CalPERS second mortgage is a fixed rate and fully amortized with amortization from 1-20 years depending on the loan amount. There is no income limitations for this second mortgage.CalPERS offers 100% financing in three different ways.A) The CalPERS Personal Loan Option – by combining two loans. This is achieved […]